Secora Consulting

About Us

About Us

Secora Consulting was formed in Ireland by industry leading consultants, who have multiple years of security consulting experience testing the most critical components of network infrastructure. Secora Consulting has a specific focus on penetration testing and adversarial attack simulation.

Professional and passionate about cyber security, our employees undertake a continuous programme of industry recognised training. All employees are directly employed and hold permanent positions. The team has experience working alongside high-profile multinational corporations and government departments. Secora Consulting has extensive knowledge and expertise working with high risk sensitive environments.

Secora Consulting specialises in identifying realistic attack vectors and utilises a risk based methodical approach in-line with best practice. All testing is conducted to industry recognised standards to ensure provision of the highest quality service on each engagement. Vulnerabilities are mapped against the perceived risk to the business and an impact assessment is performed to provide an analysis of the current threat landscape.

Our Mission:

To improve the cyber security posture of our clients.

Our Commitment:

● To invest in our people

● To deliver high quality output

● Support the long term success of our clients

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