Photographs Taken During Lockdown - The World is Beautiful

For those of you who don’t know the lockdown restrictions in Ireland, lockdown started on the 12th March with travel restrictions being imposed on the 27th March, meaning individuals could not travel outside a 2km radius from their front door. This was in place until 5th May when the 2km limit was increased to 5km. Note: There were certain exceptions, for example, if you live further than 2/5km from a shop or required medical attention etc.

So after around 11 weeks in lockdown, our team at Secora Consulting, which is dispersed throughout different regions in Ireland have compiled photographs taken during this period from our local areas inside our restricted distances. We are extremely lucky to live in such picturesque places and wanted to share these pictures with you to help remind us when we get through this, there really is a beautiful world out there waiting for us.

Please keep in mind we’re not photographers and have literally pointed our cameras and pressed ‘click’!

Blackrock, Co. Louth

This is Courtesy of Conor Donnelly, taken in Blackrock, Co. Louth.

Co. Donegal

For some reason everywhere we go I get a picture in this cheesy pose. This is not far from my home in Co, Donegal.

River Finn, Upstream

The River Finn, upstream, courtesy of Phillip Close

Irish Sea off Blackrock Coast

The Irish Sea off Blackrock coast with the Cooley Peninsula in the distance, taken by Conor Donnelly

Drumboe Woods

Drumboe Woods, taken by myself.

flowers in Donegal courtesy of Phillip Close

Some flowers in Donegal courtesy of Phillip Close (I think he was testing his skills here!)

Downstream River Finn

Downstream River Finn, taken by myself

Blackrock Beach and Village

Blackrock Beach and Village, taken by Conor Donnelly

Farmland in Donegal

Farmland near my home in Donegal, taken by myself

River Finn

The River Finn, courtesy of Phillip Close

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