The Importance of Securing Your Remote Workforce

With remote working looking like it is set to go on for the foreseeable future, it is imperative organisations take steps to understand how to secure their infrastructure from external threats and cyber attacks.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has been seen as an opportunity for many cybercriminals who are using misinformation and a sudden break from the norm to their advantage.

One of the best-known examples of how cybercriminals are exploiting this crisis is by sending phishing emails and WhatsApp messages which appear to be from the World Health Organisation.

Unfortunately, there have been far more disruptive attacks which have targeted hospitals in France and the Czech Republic. Luckily the attack conducted against hospitals in Paris was unsuccessful. However, a ransomware attack on Brno University Hospital in the Czech Republic was successful.

Brno University Hospital is the second-largest hospital in the Czech Republic and one of their primary COVID-19 testing facilities. Due to the targeted cyberattack in March they were forced to immediately shut down their IT network which in turn is endangering lives.

According to reports, the attack has left the hospital unable to transfer key clinical information to their databases and was deemed serious enough to move acute patients to an alternative facility.

Along with these recent attacks, INTERPOL’s Cyber Threat Response team has detected a significant rise in the number of attempted ransomware attacks against organisations leading the global response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This has resulted in INTERPOL issuing a Purple Notice alerting police in all 194 member countries of the heightened ransomware threat.


How Secora Consulting can help you get secure

If you are looking to understand what vulnerabilities are immediately putting your organisation and infrastructure at risk due to the sudden transition to a remote workforce, Secora Consulting can help.

Our Vulnerability Assessment services are led by our industry-leading consultants. We go beyond automated scanning and manually verify all our findings to provide your organisation with peace of mind while ensuring any remediation work carried out will directly improve your overall security. On top of this, we provide you with a detailed analysis of how any issues will directly affect your organisation.



  • Highly affordable solution
  • Gain accurate and relevant insight to your vulnerabilities
  • Validate new security controls implemented within your organisation
  • Receive a prioritised list of your risks based on their exploitability and impact
  • Receive expert and effective remediation advice to immediately improve your cybersecurity posture
  • Understand how uncovered issues will affect your organisation and operations
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