Penetration Testing - Understand how a Cyberattack Could Affect Your Organisation

As discussed in the first blog of this series, when going through our recent rebranding process our team took a long hard look at the list of services we offered. On the back of this, we decided to sort our services into a more coherent structure to make it easier for clients to understand which service is right for them.

Today, we take a closer look at our Penetration Testing service line. This service line was developed to assist clients who are looking to gain an in-depth understanding of the impact a successful cyberattack would have on their organisation.

Our penetration testing service allows you to evaluate the current position of your network and applications by assessing the impact an attack could have on our business. Our approach is based around our trusted methodology where each step is entirely repeatable detailing how an attacker could compromise your network and applications. We highlight any intellectual property we may uncover along the way and explain how an attacker who may uncover this could impact your business operations, reputation and finances. Undertaking penetration testing allows you to be proactive in resolving any issues minimising your risk and reducing the overall impact a breach would have.

Secora Consulting takes time to listen to your business concerns so that we fully understand your security requirements. Each of our engagements starts with a discussion to determine business objectives, setting clear goals, and defined rules of engagement. The outcome will provide accurate insight into areas of improvement to help close the gaps in your security controls.


Why do you need Penetration Testing?

Building strong security controls and processes is essential to building effective defences. By engaging in penetration testing, you can test and improve the controls and processes you already have in place to help build an effective and strong defence-in-depth cybersecurity posture.


What Penetration Testing services are available?

At Secora Consulting, our security consultants have the experience and expertise to conduct a wide array of testing scenarios for our clients to ensure their needs are met. Our structured service offering of Penetration Testing is broken down into three coherent components, Infrastructure Penetration Testing, Application Penetration Testing and Wireless Penetration Testing. You can mix and match between our service lines and categories to simulate real-world attacks hackers could subject your organisation to, this enables us to provide you with suitable mitigation strategies on how to prevent such attacks from happening.


Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure penetration tests simulate attacks against specific network assets to determine business risk and financial impact should a vulnerability be identified and exploited by an attacker. At Secora Consulting, we carry out tests on a wide variety of infrastructures, including, external, internal, mainframe, IoT and hardware devices. Our proven methodologies will evaluate your networks and identify any vulnerabilities by simulating malicious attacks.


Application Penetration Testing

With software and applications becoming critical assets for organisations, it is key to ensure any application your organisation has developed or implemented has robust security features. At Secora Consulting, we can carry out testing on applications such as web, mobile, web-service, thick/thin clients whether commercial solutions or developed in-house to determine the business risk and financial impact your organisation could be exposed to due to poor security controls.


Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless penetration testing can be utilised to understand the resilience of your wireless controls, segmentation and access point configurations. Our wireless testing service is designed to give you significant peace of mind that an attacker cannot access your corporate LAN and retrieve sensitive information or intellectual property. We will ensure that all Access Points both internal and external to your corporate buildings are secure and cannot be breached.

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