Ransomware Attack Leads to Fatality

A ransomware attack on the University Hospital of Dusseldorf (UKD) was reported to have a fatal outcome last week. German authorities revealed that the ransomware attack caused a failure of the hospital's IT systems, which resulted in a woman who needed urgent care tragically passing away while being transferred to another hospital 20 miles away for treatment.

It is believed the attack exploited a vulnerability in Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) CVE-2019-19781 which crippled the hospital's systems. According to a note left by the hackers the attack was meant to target the Heinrich Heine University.

Once law enforcement made the attackers aware their attack was targeting a hospital the attackers provided the decryption key and withdrew the ransom demand. It is understood the case is currently being treated as a homicide.

This attack highlights the importance for all organisations to carry out regular patch management cycles to reduce your exposure to a cyber attack. The device that was exploited in this instance was a vulnerability that was patched by Citrix in January 2020. When an organisation releases a patch for a critical vulnerability found within their software, it is best practice to apply this fix to your own network immediately.


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