How to keep your kids safe online this Christmas

Every generation of children has their obsession and craze. For the most recent generations this craze has revolved around the Internet and smart devices.

Unfortunately, like the real world the Internet has its unpleasant side and it is only natural for parents to be concerned about their child's Internet usage.

Thankfully, many parenting techniques can be transferred to the digital world to ensure you and your children have a safe Christmas. Secora Consulting are happy to suggest some useful tips for keeping your children safe online.


Introduce an Internet curfew

Growing up I was always told to be home before the streetlights came on or before a particular time in the summer. This rule can easily be transferred to the digital world, allocating a set amount of time a child is allowed to spend online.

To enforce this curfew, you could turn your Internet connection off at a particular time. Or you can even block access to your Internet connection from certain devices for a preset time period. You can even go so far as to restrict connections made by devices to your wireless router (for NetGear, click here, but all devices are similar)


Talking about their online activities

Encouraging children to talk about what they are doing online and who they are speaking to can have multiple benefits. Taking an interest in your child's online activities can often make them more open to talking. An open dialogue can allow you to ensure they don’t find themselves in any dangerous situations online or talking to any unsavoury characters.


Use child friendly tools

There are many tools available to help parents make the Internet safer for their children. The majority of browsers have their own parental and safe search controls which you can implement to help you control, track and/or limit what your kids can do and see online.

There are many child friendly browsers available to download on your children’s Internet-enabled devices. One of the most popular is Kiddle, which is powered by Google. Child friendly browsers like Kiddle, deliver child friendly search results specifically curated for kids. Many child friendly browsers only show results from trusted sites free of adult content and include features such as complete site blocking and keyword filtering.

Android and iOs devices, such as tablets and mobile phones also have parental controls which can be implemented. You can learn more about implementing Android controls here and iOS controls here.


Introduce a browsing zone

When I was growing up, we had one computer in our house for family use, which was always located in the hallway and visible to everyone. With the introduction tablets and smartphones capable of accessing the Internet children tend to disperse throughout the house to surf the web. Introducing a rule where children can only use Internet-enabled devices in shared spaces can make it easier to keep an eye on their activities.


The real world rule

Many children tend to look at the digital world as completely separate from the real world. Some don’t realise that what they say or do in the digital world may have real consequences.


Merry Christmas from Secora Consulting

Secora Consulting would like to wish all our clients, colleagues and their families a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. We hope our tips will help keep your children safe online throughout the festive period and on into 2021.

We look forward to partnering with you further in 2021, to ensure you have a robust cyber security posture, securing your organization's long term success.

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