A Robust Cyber Security Framework for Credit Unions

We welcome the opportunity for you to learn more about how we can help you prepare for and align to the Central Banks IT security expectations.

When you partner with us, we will provide your Credit Union with a bespoke independent third-party verification framework to ensure you comply with the Central Bank’s IT Governance and Risk Management requirements. Our framework is tailored to each Credit Union, with the development of policies and processes that you need at its core.

Your highly bespoke framework will contain the following four core elements:

  • IT Inventory Mapping
  • IT Security Assessment
  • Report for Stakeholders
  • Security Awareness Training

This framework allows you to effectively prepare for your Central Bank audit by remediating any weaknesses in your security controls and successfully align to all of the Central Bank's IT Security expectations.

The Benefits of this Package Includes:

  • A robust and highly tailored independent third party verification framework designed specifically for the needs of your Credit Union. As each Credit Union is different, we learn and understand the IT security problems faced within your Credit Union and tailor the framework to suit your requirements. 
  • We provide a one-stop security solution to ensure your security success and alignment to the Central Bank requirements.
  • We will help you develop and maintain a robust cyber security posture to provide you with continued success through each iteration of the framework.
  • We will ensure your Credit Union meets and exceeds IT security regulatory compliance requirements to ensure you pass all your audits.
  • Detailed reports providing non-technical information and remediation guidance.
  • Guarantee effective remediation by applying assets with consistent business criticality to ensure remediation efforts can be prioritised against risk.
  • Verified security controls to protect the personal data of members, third parties, employees and directors.
  • Third-party verification that your policies, processes and IT security controls are effective and will keep you secure.

What makes Secora Consulting different?

As your trusted security partner, our team brings years of experience in securing high-risk sensitive environments. Using our tailored framework, we will highlight any failing security controls and underlying issues to help protect your systems, reducing overall risk.

We will take the time to listen to your business concerns to ensure we understand your security requirements and problems. Partnering with Secora means your members can rest assured that your Credit Union's IT security, information and data has been verified by a highly accredited team of security consultants to provide peace of mind ensuring your IT security solution is resilient and robust.


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Secora Consulting are highly knowledgeable cyber security consultants and very easy to work with. The team took the time to understand the needs of Lifford Credit Union and went above and beyond in each step of the process. They happily shared their knowledge in this sector and were understanding of what we required and where potential issues could evolve.

On completing the project, Secora worked through their findings with us and presented a comprehensive and easy to read report that offered further insight into how we can improve our cyber security posture. We highly recommend the team at Secora Consulting to anyone in need of cyber security improvements or reviews within their organisation.

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