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Cyber attacks are on the rise and are quickly becoming more consistent and sophisticated. Whether you run a small business or a large multinational organisation, cyber security cannot be ignored. No organisation is too small, too large or too insignificant to escape the attention of cyber criminals.  

In this ever evolving cyber threat landscape, the key to becoming cyber secure is to first understand your organisation’s current cyber security posture.

To help you understand your current stance, and guide you on the route to a more robust cyber security posture, we have outlined our most popular service offerings that can assist you in strengthening your syber security posture.

Our Service Range:


Baseline Assessment

Do you know how secure your organisations systems, networks, website and applications currently are?

A baseline assessment helps you to gain a greater understanding of how secure your organisation is and helps you implement effective security controls by evaluating your organisations current network, systems, website and applications. 

In addition to improving your network, systems and applications in line with best practice, it will enable you to build out the processes and policies to create a robust cyber security posture within your organisation.


Penetration Testing

Do you know how far a criminal hacker could get when trying to access your organisation's networks and systems? 

Penetration testing  allows you to evaluate the current position of your network, applications and websites by assessing the impact an attack could have on your organisation.

Undertaking penetration testing allows you to be proactive in resolving any issues by  minimising your risk and reducing the overall impact a breach could have on your organisation.


Adversary Simulation

You have cyber security procedures and controls in place on how to respond in the event of a cyber attack, but have they been tested to ensure they are as effective on paper as they are in real life? 

Adversary Simulation replicates real world attack patterns to simulate an actual attack on your organisation. The focus is to discover the effectiveness of your current cyber security controls and your organisations ability to identify and contain a cyber security breach. 


Why choose Secora Consulting?

Secora Consulting is dedicated to increasing the cyber security posture of our partnered clients in an ever evolving cyber threat landscape. We take the time to listen to your business concerns so that we understand your specific security requirements, enabling us to build a package around your needs.


As your trusted cyber security partner, our team offers you their extensive knowledge from working with high-profile multinational organisations, SME’s, government departments and public sector organisations in Ireland, the UK and throughout Europe. 

Our team only consists of highly qualified security consultants who are experienced, passionate and enthusiastic about cyber security. This is reflected by the industry recognised certifications held by our team including CREST and OSCP. 


What our clients say:

“Prepay Power partnered with Secora Consulting to help us with multiple cyber security projects ranging from framework and policy building to penetration testing. Secora Consulting takes time to understand each of our organisation’s specific requirements for every project we undertake together, and go above and beyond our expectations in their advice and support throughout each engagement. We have found the whole team knowledgeable, approachable and easy to work with. We highly recommend Secora Consulting to anyone looking for an experienced and reputable cyber security partner for their business.”

- Prepay Power


Secora Consulting are highly knowledgeable cyber security consultants and very easy to work with. The team took the time to understand the needs of Lifford Credit Union and went above and beyond in each step of the process. They happily shared their knowledge in this sector and were understanding of what we required and where potential issues could evolve.

On completing the project, Secora worked through their findings with us and presented a comprehensive and easy to read report that offered further insight into how we can improve our cyber security posture. We highly recommend the team at Secora Consulting to anyone in need of cyber security improvements or reviews within their organisation. 

- Lifford Credit Union

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All of Secora Consulting's assessments are tailored to our client's needs.
Using our experience, we can help you determine which services are right for you.

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We take the time to listen to your business concerns so that we understand your security requirements. Understanding your needs allows us to provide you with accurate findings to real business risks.