Increase your Credit Unions Cybersecurity Posture with Secora Consulting

Secora Consulting are delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s CUMA Spring Conference and AGM 2023.

The event titled Change 2023, will run from the 29th to the 30th of March in the Galway Bay Hotel, Galway.

We welcome you to visit our team at Stand 56 to learn more about our services and how we can help you align with the Central Bank's IT security expectations.

In advance of the conference, we have put together our most popular services used by Credit Unions throughout Ireland.

1. Monthly Cyber Security Plans for Credit Unions

Our team have worked with many Credit Unions over the last number of years and from our experience, we have developed a service model that is comprised of our core cyber security services. These services offer quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness to help ensure that Credit Unions remain resilient to an ever-changing Cyber Threat Landscape.

The monthly cybersecurity package includes:

  • Quarterly vulnerability scans - Our vulnerability scans identify any serious issues such as missing security patches and updates that could be exploited by a malicious attacker. 
  • Consultancy hours - The consultancy hours leaves the scope open to you to use these hours as you see fit as they are not tied to any specific product or service. 
  • Phishing Assessment - Our phishing assessment service will develop and deliver a tailored phishing email for your organisation, replicating malicious emails your staff are likely to receive from malicious attackers.
  • Breach Simulation - Our breach simulation will not only assess how likely your staff are to fall victim to a phishing email, but we will also assess how exposed your organisation could be to a breach or cyber attack originating from a phishing email.
  • Threat intelligence - Through our threat intelligence report, we will identify any potential network security issues, DNS health issues and IP address reputation issues. We will also complete a password compromise review, your susceptibility to a potential social engineering attack and potential website cookie compliance issues. 
  • System config review -The system configuration reviews allow you to determine how well your organisation's infrastructure (servers, desktops, laptops etc.) is configured in comparison to accepted industry standards, such as CIS benchmarks. This assessment can help to highlight poorly configured devices which can be useful for organisations who are planning on achieving certifications including Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001. (e.g. Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001).

2. Cyber Security Framework for Credit Unions

Secora Consulting have designed a robust, highly tailored independent third-party verification framework from the ground up to enable all credit unions to align with the Central Bank's IT security expectations.

Our framework is tailored to your Credit Union, with the development of the policies and processes you need at its core.

Our approach is based on a trusted methodology where each step is entirely repeatable.

We highlight any security flaws or failings we may uncover along the way and explain how these would impact your business operations and finances. 

This will allow your Credit Union to continuously improve its cyber security posture as you grow while maintaining compliance with the Central Bank’s IT security expectations.



“ Secora Consulting are highly knowledgeable cyber security consultants and very easy to work with. The team took the time to understand the needs of Lifford Credit Union and went above and beyond in each step of the process. They happily shared their knowledge in this sector and were understanding of what we required and where potential issues could evolve.

On completing the project, Secora worked through their findings with us and presented a comprehensive and easy to read report that offered further insight into how we can improve our cyber security posture. We highly recommend the team at Secora Consulting to anyone in need of cyber security improvements or reviews within their organisation.”

  • Lifford Credit Union


3. Baseline Assessment for Credit Unions

Baseline assessments focus on quickly improving your network, systems and applications in-line with best practice by helping you build processes and policies.

Our baseline testing service allows you to evaluate your network, systems and applications by identifying issues such as missing patches, out-of-date software and highlighting known issues which affect your software.

Our goal is to provide your Credit Union with information regarding the issues currently affecting your systems. Our approach is based around a trusted methodology where each step is entirely repeatable.

We highlight any security flaws or failings we may uncover along the way and explain how these would impact your business operations and finances.

Baseline assessments allow you to be proactive in resolving any issues minimising risk and helping you build a defence-in-depth approach and improve any existing security controls.

4. Penetration Testing for Credit Unions

While baseline testing focuses on finding trivial issues and easy ways to quickly improve your network, penetration testing focuses on identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in your network and applications to help tighten your security controls and improve your posture.

Our penetration testing service allows you to evaluate the current security posture of your network and applications by assessing the impact an attack could have on your business.

Our approach is based around a trusted methodology where each step is entirely repeatable, detailing how an attacker would compromise your network and applications.

Undertaking penetration testing allows you to be proactive in resolving any issues minimising risk and reducing the overall impact a breach would have. The outcome will provide accurate insight into areas of improvement to help close the gaps in your security controls.



“We partnered with Secora Consulting for simulated phishing attack and external penetration testing services.

The simulated phishing attack provided us with insights into how our employees would respond to receiving a malicious email and the potential impact a successful attack could have on the business. The outcome of the simulated attack was a positive experience and answered exactly what we needed to know in terms of whether an attack would be successful and how far an attacker could get, if a suspicious link was clicked.

Overall, the team at Secora Consulting were proactive and engaging throughout both testing stages, providing updates and well-written reports on completion of the work. The final report on both services and accompanying remediation advice was helpful in understanding areas of improvement. 

Secora’s manner of delivery, interaction and proactiveness was second to none. It was a pleasure working with Secora and I would recommend them without hesitation.”

  • Drogheda Credit Union


5. Cyber Hygiene Assessments for Credit Unions

Our Cyber Hygiene Assessment has been designed for businesses who want to gain an insight into weaknesses in their current security posture which may leave them vulnerable to the most common cyber-attacks.

To do this, we assess three main components which are People, Processes and Technologies.

The output of the assessment will provide any relevant findings along with practical recommendations that can be implemented to decrease the likelihood of your Credit Union falling victim to a cyber attack.

Why Choose to Partner with us?

At Secora Consulting, we understand the challenges of security testing and keeping your Credit Union secure. Our goal is to improve your cyber security operations, providing peace of mind in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

As your trusted security partner, our team brings years of experience in securing high-risk sensitive environments.

We will take the time to listen to your business concerns to ensure we understand your security requirements and problems.

Partnering with Secora means your members can rest assured that your Credit Union's IT security, information and data has been verified by a highly accredited team of security consultants to provide peace of mind ensuring your IT security solution is resilient and robust.

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