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Privacy Policy

The Secora Consulting Privacy Policy

Our role in your privacy

If you are a Secora Consulting customer or just visiting our website this policy will apply to you.

How and when we collect data

From the first moment you interact with Secora Consulting we start to collect data. Data is collected in two ways: You either provide us with data or sometimes data is collected automatically.

Here is how and when we collect data:

● You contact us through the ‘contact’ us or ‘ask us a question’ forms or via the telephone

● We email or call you

● We scope your job

● We send you a proposal

● We complete our service

● You opt-in to our marketing

Type of data we collect

Contact details

Your name, company name, corporate addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

Financial information

Your corporate bank account number, sort code, credit/debit card details.

Data that identifies you

Your IP addresses, browser information, geolocation, cookies, operating system and version.


We keep historic reports to be able to help you build trends and for re-testing purposes.


When you use our website we send you cookies (unless you block cookies on your browser). We use these cookies help us recognise a unique visitor and to compile anonymous statistics to help us understand how users use or website. We cannot identify you personally in this way.

How and why we use your data

Data protection law means that we can only use your data for specific reasons and where we have justification and a legal basis to hold information. The reasons we keep your data are:

We use your data to perform our services

Our services require you to send us your data including IP addresses, domain names and contact details as well as historic reports.

Customer support

Notifying you of any changes to our services or dates. Providing you with findings, outputs, critical notifications and reports. Discussing findings, reports and solving issues via phone and email.

Marketing (with your consent)

Sending you emails regarding our services, features, products and related content.

Your choices

You can choose to not provide us with personal data

If you choose to not provide us with personal data you can continue to use the website but it is unlikely we will be able to offer you our services or process transactions without personal data.

Turn off cookies

It is possible to block cookies by changing the settings in your browser. You can also delete historic cookies from your browser. If you choose to block cookies you can continue to use our website and contact us about services without interruption.

Opting out of marketing

If you have opted into marketing you can opt out at any time by emailing us at

Your rights

You have the right to be forgotten

You can ask us at any time to remove any personal information we may hold about you.

You have the right to access any information we hold about you

You have the right to ask us to provide any information we may hold on you. We will provide this information within one month of your request, unless doing so will adversely affect the rights and confidentiality of another person. We will inform you if we cannot meet your request within a one month time frame.

The right to rectification

You have the right to ask us to correct any information we hold on you.

You have the right to lodge a complaint

By law you can make a complaint against us to the data protection commissioner, but please tell us first so we have the chance to address any concerns. You can contact us by emailing:

Where do we store data?

By submitting your personal data you agree to us transferring, storing and processing that data. Data is processed at our offices and all data is stored within Google cloud and is located within the EEA.

We outsource our payroll system to a third party provider who only store data inside the EEA. As such corporate bank details, names, addresses and email addresses will be shared with our third party provider. Your data is shared on a least privilege basis and only when absolutely necessary. Data shared data adheres to the safeguards in this privacy policy.

How secure is the data we collect?

Secora Consulting take data security seriously and adhere to our own best practice recommendations. All our data storage locations require two factor authentication to access and are restricted to employees.

We ensure our third parties adhere to our high standards and have third party agreements in place with each of our providers to ensure your data is protected.

Secora Consulting undergoes regular penetration testing of our networks and infrastructure.

How long do we store your data?

We store your data for a maximum of 6 years in-line with data protection law.