Penetration Testing Services

At Secora Consulting, we take the time to listen to your business concerns so that we understand your security requirements. Understanding your needs places us in a unique position to provide you with accurate findings to real business risks.
We have arranged our penetration testing services into four main groups based on the objective of the tests.

Why should you conduct a penetration test?

  • To prioritise and tackle risks based on their exploitability and impact.
  • Validate new security conrols implemented within the organisation.
  • To comply with a regulation or standard, such as the PCI DSS, GDPR or ISO 27001.
  • To adequately prepare for upcoming external audits, such as supplier or Central Banks Audits.
  • To inform senior management of organisational risk level to gain support for further investment in cybersecurity.
  • To effectively understand and manage vulnerabilities within your organisation.

Lets get specific.

Use a trusted security partner with experienced consultants, who want to ensure your long term success