Adversary Simulation


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Adversary simulation focusses on the effectiveness of your security controls and the organisation's ability to identify and contain a breach.

Adversary simulations replicate real world attack patterns to simulate an actual attack on your organisation, determine your response capabilities and highlight gaps for improvements.

Social Engineering Assessment

Our social engineering assessments are a simulation of real-world attacks your organisation is likely to encounter, to see if we can compromise the integrity of many aspects of your organisation through tailored phishing and telephone campaigns. Our service is not designed to “catch you out”, we are here to help you identify any gaps which may exist in your policies and procedures and highlight any associated risks.

Physical Security Assessment

During our physical security tests, our specialised team emulates how an attacker could gain access to your premises to retrieve sensitive documentation, connect to your network or simply steal company equipment. Our service aims to exploit any weak entry points around your premises and make policy and procedures recommendations to mitigate these risks.

Red team engagements

Our red team engagement combines multiple service lines to deliver a tailored threat simulation which is designed to provide insight into how an attacker could breach your security controls, how they might operate once inside your organisation and provide you with invaluable insight to assist in developing your defensive capabilities. As attackers like to mix things up, our services are tailored to replicate realistic threats to your organisation. We will help you understand your threat landscape and recommend policies and procedures which will increase your cybersecurity posture.

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Our services

All of Secora Consulting's assessments are tailored to our client's needs.
Using our experience, we can help you determine which services are right for you.

Let’s get proactive.

The best way to maintain a robust cybersecurity posture is to be proactive rather than reactive. Our team would be happy to discuss the best way to detect and respond to potential threats your organisation might face.