Baseline Assessments


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Baseline assessments focus on quickly improving your network, systems and applications in-line with best practice by helping you build processes and policies.

Our baseline assessment service allows you to evaluate your network, systems and applications by identifying issues such as missing patches, out-of-date software and highlight known issues which affect your software.

Configuration Reviews

Our Configuration Review will provide you with the detailed insight and best practice guidance into the security configurations of your off-the-shelf appliances and software products. We will provide guidance on how these systems and services should be configured throughout your organisation to ensure the configurations applied are in line with best practice.

Vulnerability Assessments

A Vulnerability Assessment is a low-cost high-value exercise which identifies common vulnerabilities on internal and external networks. The goal of a vulnerability assessment is to deliver a prioritised list of risks to the organisations to allow for cost-effective remediation. At Secora Consulting, we believe in going the extra mile so we manually verify findings to provide your organisation with peace of mind while ensuring any remediation work planned will directly improve your overall security.

IT Health Checks

Our IT Health Check service will provide your organisation with an in-depth independent assessment of your organisation’s cybersecurity posture. We will provide independent assurance that your organisation’s external and internal systems are protected from unauthorised access. We will also provide you with guidance on how to remediate any potential unauthorised entry points into your systems which are putting your organisation at risk.

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