Cyber Hygiene Assessment


Cyber-attacks are not limited to large organisations or specific industries even though many of the headlines that we read about in the media tend to put focus on these. In fact, many attackers will purposely focus on SMBs as they know that in many cases, knowledgeable security personnel and budgetary resources will be more limited.

However, what should be of interest to SMBs is that according to a recent report from Microsoft, basic cybersecurity hygiene can help to protect an organisation from about 98% of attacks. As such, many SMBs can significantly reduce their exposure to cyber-attacks by putting in place some good practice controls and Secora have developed a solution to guide you through this process.

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Secora’s Services

Our Cyber Hygiene Assessment has been designed for SMBs who want to gain an insight into weaknesses in their current security posture which may leave them vulnerable to the most common cyber-attacks. To do this, we assess three main components which are People, Processes and Technologies. The output of the assessment will provide any relevant findings along with practical recommendations that can be implemented to decrease the likelihood of your organisation falling victim to a cyber-attack.


  • It is a cost-effective way to gain an understanding of your current cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses
  • You will be provided with a prioritised roadmap of practical remediations that can provide an effective defence against the most common cyber attacks
  • You can provide assurance to your customers that you have measures in place to keep their data is safe and secure

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