Web Application and API Penetration Testing

Web applications have become critical assets for businesses and play a vital role in business success. Because of this, they are an attractive target for cybercriminals and due to this it is imperative that businesses ensure the applications that they are developing have robust cybersecurity features.

Web application penetration testing services proactively assess applications to identify vulnerabilities, such as those that could lead to the loss of sensitive user and financial information.

At Secora Consulting, we can carry out testing on applications such as web, mobile, web-service, thick/thin clients whether commercial solutions or developed in house to determine the business risk and financial impact your organisation could be exposed to due to poor security protocols.

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Our Approach

Web Application Penetration Test

Our Web Application test will focus on finding security flaws within the in-scope applications providing your organisation with a comprehensive list of attack vectors and how an attacker could use these vectors to negatively impact your business.

To add additional peace of mind, we will look to identify systems which may have been overlooked,but could be uncovered and exploited by an attacker, whilst conducting a vulnerability assessment against the hosting infrastructure.

API Penetration Test

Our API test will primarily consist of assessing the endpoints of the API’s in-scope and how they function from the web applications. We will attempt to manipulate the endpoints to see if they can be abused or exploited and how authorisation and authentication could potentially be bypassed. We will also test to see if we can cause any form of command injections, or even XSS, if the function’s response renders data on a page. We will vigorously test the API to identify any potential weaknesses or security misconfigurations that if exploited could adversely affect continuity.

Carrying out a combined Web & API Application test will allow our consultants to undertake a comprehensive end to end assessment and produce a detailed report determining how an attacker could use any identified weaknesses as a potential attack vector in a negative way to impact your business.

What to Expect

Secora Consulting will produce a final report which includes an executive summary, remediation advice and business impact assessment.

We will also conduct a ‘wash-out’ meeting once the report is issued. During this meeting, our subject matter expert will discuss the results of the report with your team and answer any questions.


EndSystems Ltd contracted Secora Consulting to carry out a Web Application Penetration Test on our systems. We were immediately impressed with the high level of expertise and professionalism displayed. Secora Consulting was easy to work with and approachable throughout the project.

EndSystems Ltd


Prepay Power partnered with Secora Consulting to help us with multiple cyber security projects ranging from framework and policy building to penetration testing. Secora Consulting takes time to understand each of our organisation’s specific requirements for every project we undertake together, and go above and beyond our expectations in their advice and support throughout each engagement. We have found the whole team knowledgeable, approachable and easy to work with. We highly recommend Secora Consulting to anyone looking for an experienced and reputable cyber security partner for their business.

Prepay Power

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